What is a Ratchet Belt (Jack Belt)…

The Jack Belt uses an innovative ratchet system, which means this belt has no holes. The leather belt uses a unique buckle mechanism, this means you can adjust the size by millimetres, giving you the perfect fitting leather belt.

The buckle and belt work together, there is a band of teeth that sit on the leather belt on the inside, the buckle then attaches to this neatly. Jack Belt owned by Jack Oz have been delivering ratchet belts to customer’s homes for years, making them the perfect gift or purchase for yourself. See how full collection here for men, and our full range for women here.

Other people may know this ratchet belt as a belt without holes, a sliding belt, or even an adjustable belt. Whatever term used, know that everyone is talking about the Jack Belt.

There are many benefits to owning a ratchet belt! For and foremost it is the most perfect fitting belt you will ever wear and it’s suitable for any occasion. This makes the Jack Belt a smart investment for life, making you feel stylish and cool at the same time.

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