You’re probably wondering why you see a dental product on a website you came to purchase The Jack Belt from, WELL, we are the Jack Oz Team and we are here to find amazing life changing products from around the world and make them accessible to our neighbours here in OZ.

So the “ToothBat” is a new product to Australia and to our website. One of many to come.

If you thought the belt with no holes was clever, you should see this mutli-award winning design tooth flosser that everyone and anyone can use. This product is about looking after your dental health. It is clever and is an easy to use design, but what we actually really love about it is that in a time when you can use the tiny disposable tooth flossers, and then endlessly be adding to landfill or heaven forbid turtles noses, this product will last you many many years. longer than your toothbrush too! You use it as often as you would your toothbrush but you aren’t throwing it away after every use like you currently may with the mini options, only the floss you have threaded through it is tossed.  Environmentally friendly by lasting many years for something vital to your dental health.

You can be cleaning your own teeth however many of us can’t reach our back teeth or have issues with our hands. What the Toothbat allows is that you aren’t reaching your hands deep into your mouth anymore, and if need be, someone could do it for you. Great for Carers!

So check out the Toothbat, see we have multiple sizes available and colours to suit all smiles!