Jackbelt is located on the Mid North Coast which, among of the rest of NSW state, has been recently hammered with fires.

It has impacted our daily routines, but not as bad as those poor souls who were lost, and the countless fauna too. May they rest in Peace.

I’m writing this post to explain to the few queries we have received recently how the post has been delayed. Highways have been closed, Schools and businesses have been shut down, people evacuated, with us taking in our own family since they were in the ‘red zone’.

Its been a horrible feeling of sadness, and of loss, and still of the unknown. At one point we were given notification from RFS that a new fire was just a street away from us. This was extinguished fast, gratefully! Emergency plans took place, and topped up on house insurance!

However, it was business as usual for us, still packing Jackbelt orders. As much as we worked the same, the delivery side was out of our control and anyone with queries can contact us for tracking details if they don’t think they received one.

The good news is, the Jack Belt orders are all on their way.

Better news is;

a) Our local Port Macquarie Koala Hospital has received record donations for their important cause.

b) Recognition has been given to our countrysides issue of better fire management control so hopefully in the future, something like this never develops to the scale it has.

Lastly, c) Our community banded together when it matters most, and ensuring local firefighters were supported and praised for the heros that they are!!

A big THANK YOU FIRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!