We are the JACK PAAK. Jacky, Alan, Cheryl and Kevin. We are all about getting the most comfortable and stylish belt around the waistlines of our fellow Australians.

We are only here for good reasons and enjoy giving the service to those who are interested on having a belt that isn’t too tight and never too loose and that actually looks good!

It’s primarily a dress belt but in our three years of running this business our customers have proven to enjoy the belt so much they are wearing it more than at that special event they bought it for in the first place.

So over time we have tried to work with buckle designs that cover the ‘dress up’ occasion but also every day casual wear. It means we have a robust number of buckles available now.

We will continue to aim to improve styles and variety.

After working at the month long show, Floriade in Canberra, three consecutive years,and  demonstrating to representatives of all states and territories of our great Australian country, we know there is a variety of fashion choices and needs, and all we want to do fulfill their requests.

To show our response of requests, we now have white belts, we also have wider tan belts. We have options of blue buckles, brighter gold, blacker black…and each choice we make is a reflection of those who matter: our customers.

We are small but that is our strength! It’s not a call centre you are talking to. We care about whether you can work out how to work the mechanism, we don’t want you to be stuck in your pants!

So if you haven’t met us before, well, here we stand, a little weary eyed from demonstrating 30 days with a few extended nights also (from Night Fest)…

We are happy to meet you and show you why our JACK belt is the best belt you will ever own!

To those who do know us and have supported us so far, thank you!! And if we can ask of just one little effort on your behalf,  share our post and let your friends know that once they wear the ‘JACK’, they won’t look back!