A month long show with three solid weeks of beautiful sunshine and then timely drizzle of rain. The flowers have never been so happy.

We had a good show but there was a disappointing event. There was not one but two break-ins at the show. The first didn’t effect us directly however the second we were violated directly with them using our site to access and then rummage through our neighbours sites.

No one hurt and nothing taken, they seemed to be after cash only which no one in their right mind would ever leave in a tented premises.

The first break in was a funny story though. A woman broke into a wine site and stole wine, however she was caught because she had not only left her phone on site but went back to retrieve it. She kindly offered to return the wine she stole however that’s not how the system works….

The highlight of the show for our team, was meeting the delightful couple Kevin and Janetta from the Australian reality TV show “Travel Guides”. Known as the “snobs”, everybody who watches the show loves them for their opinions and their honesty. They we’re an absolute delight to meet and they were extremely gracious when approached by fans wanting photos and to be told how much everyone loves the show. Us included.

Keep an eye out for their Jack Belt appearance in upcoming episodes because their attire just got an upgrade!

So a second year down, we are planning for a third appearance at the show next year. Working another thirty days straight because we are gluttons for punishment, and it was great to be able to be there for our returning customers from last year.

Cheers Canberra, always an adventure and a delight.