Introducing the best invention since the toothbrush!

An exclusive offer from Jackoz. Your chance to own the international, award winning  “Toothbat”.

Dentists tell us that flossing between your teeth is an important part of dental hygiene —a tedious chore!

Not any more, flossing is now fun and easy with the amazing “Toothbat”

This beautifully designed invention offers easy grip and the tallons of the head allow you to reach all areas of the mouth with ease. front back and sides. No longer do you need to struggle to reach those difficult areas.

The “Toothbat” is also great for those who assist others, like dentists, nurses and carers.

The “Toothbat” comes in a variety of colours and in 2 sizes- Adult, and Child.






1. Turn the handle to align the head; Secure the floss by twisting it around the anchor point on the  handle. Lay floss into the grooves on the tips of the tallons and tie off on the same anchor point. Turn the handle to achieve the desired tension of floss.

2. Use the top floss to easily clean molars and the side floss for other teeth.

The “Toothbat” is also great for those who assist others, like dentists, nurses and carers.

The “Toothbat” comes in a two sizes Adult, and Child.



Good Design Award 2015 (Chicago Museum of architecture and design)

Consumer Product Design Award 2015 (Hong Kong award for industries)

Product Design Award 2014 (Germany)

Good Design award 2016 (Japan)

A’Design Award 2016 (Italy)

In a world where millions of products and designs are launched each year, the A’Design Award was born out of the desire to underline the best of the best.

International award-winning products and designs are chosen at the A’Design Award Gala Night in Italy  and they are communicated to all relevant press across the world.

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The use of 3D design software and printing technology created the best size and angle for the “Toothbat” head. It successfully achieves the best three-dimensional design to reach and clean every tooth easily.

The tension of floss is the key point for removal of plaque. The “Twister Technology” between the handle and the head creates the ultimate tension that no other flossing product can achieve.

The “Toothbat”  is made from “Tritan Copolyester” certified by the  FDA and CE, for safety and durability.”



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