Bamboo Sap Patch

‘The most natural way for refreshing your body’

After a long tired day and you are feeling heavy and tired, use these sap patches on the soles of your feet to feel invigorated and refreshed!

Using a combination of natural ingredients, these Sap patches are designed to help promote the circulation of blood by generating Far Infrared Rays (FIR), which will make you feel more refreshed and lighter than ever before!

Bamboo patches always emit natural far infrared rays which may help absorb body wastes and sweat while applying them to the soles of the feet or the targeted areas of the body.
Bamboo has been known as a plant which has the effect of antibiotic and detoxification actions since the ancient times in Asia.
Apply onto the soles of the feet, and relax. Best time is to wear them when you go to bed with the recommended duration is 6-8hrs of use.
These Bamboo Sap Patches can also can be applied to any irriated areas such as the hand, joint, shoulder, waist, abdomen, and chest etc.
The following benefits can be derived from using sap patches
* Help absorb body wastes and sweat
* Help Stimulate refloxology points on the soles of the feet
*Help reduce minor irritation
* Help support general health and wellness
*Help improve the quality of sleep
Recommened for those who suffer:
Housekeeping/ Drinking/ Smoking/ Hardworking/ Minor muscle pain after work out/ Sleeplessness/ Cold Hands & Feet/ Studying/ Standing and walking for a long time
Also recommended for the mature aged to maintian general health and wellness.
Feel more refreshed and more energised through the effect of Far Infrared Rays


Product specification column: 2 sheets / 10 sheets / 12 sheets / 14 sheets / 30 sheets /

Infusion patch 60mm x 90mm, 4g

Fixed seat 95mm x 132mm

main ingredients :

Bamboo vinegar liquid, wood vinegar, chitosan, tourmaline, pearl stone, eucalyptus oil, high purity silica, mugwort extract, loquat extract, lavender oil, and rose oil.