100% FULL LEATHER plain brown belt coupled with stylish gold and silver buckle with delicate features to add even more class to your dress outfit.

Matte silver front and gold trimmings make this belt ideal for special occasions or important events.

In the office or on the wedding dance floor, this very beautiful buckle adds a classy style finishing your already smart look.

Tough and stylish. Stitched for strength. Perfect for dress pants or for work.

This leather can be easily cut to your perfect length. Simply release the locking catch on the back of the buckle, slide out the belt and cut off excess with scissors or a box cutter. Replace the belt in the buckle and clamp shut. This ensures the ratchet remains at the centre of your waist ensuring the perfect, comfortable fit for everyone. If you eat a big meal just raise the ratchet lock for instant comfort.

Jack Belt. As seen on TV.

3.5cm x 135cm