JULY Friday 13th to Saturday 14th.


For the past 8 years, half of the JACK PAAK Team have ventured to this town in the middle of winter and broken records on how many layers can be worn to keep warm, but also selling our top quality wares. This year is no different, enough socks and beanies have been packed to leave just enough room for our 100% Leather JACK Belt with clever ratchet.

Now, last year Jacky was holding the stand, however not many people heard her since her voice was stolen by the horrid flu. What it demonstrated to Jacky was how caring those Mudgee humans are. After finishing her attempt of demonstrating, nearly 100% punters offered her a losenger with true compassion in their hearts. And nearly 100% she accepted their delicious throat numbing offerings.

She desperately doesn’t want a repeat of last year but she is looking forward to the warm and  fuzzies that have each year come to her and Alans way.

So if you know anyone in the area, it will be worth the trip so you can see the full 100% top quality leathers in the flesh and see how the ratchet works effortlessly and Jacky will be happy to cut it size if needed. Fingers crossed you wont need to hand over any medicinal lollies to her!