Working 30 days straight is difficult no matter what type of job you have, however there is a good consolation when working at Floriade because the view is undeniably delightful.

We are located at Nerang pool, comfortably undercover out of the wind, out of the cold, out of the heat and (with a drought going on) hopefully out of the rain one day.

We today celebrate our one week mark at working the show. The flowers are behaving themselves and looking as gorgeous as ever. The numbers of visitors coming through the gate gradually grows as the flowers evolve in there blooming evolution.

It’s free entry during the day or you can buy tickets to the night fest, it’s well worth a visit if you’re in the area, you can do some really good selfies in the poppys.

So take advantage that our shop front is here for the month and come touch and feel and see the quality for yourselves.