How Do I Place An Order?2018-07-02T12:02:05+11:00

To purchase your choice of Jack Belts it is a simple two step. process.

1. Go to the SHOP page. Select your choice of leather.

   Click “Add to Cart”

2. Choose your buckle

    Click “Add to Cart”

Once you have made your choices, go to the checkout to complete your purchases and fill in your delivery address using PAYPAL or choose to direct deposit into our account. Just follow the prompts.

No account is required to use PayPal. You can pay using credit card this way.

If you choose to do direct deposit, you will have your order sent out once the funds are visible in our account which may take 1-3 working days.


The leather is unique with a track for the buckle ratchet to work with. If you have never purchased the Jack Belt before, you must purchase both the leather and the buckle as one will not work without the other. Additional leathers and buckles can be purchased allowing you to interchange your leathers and buckles to suit any occasion.

You are welcome to add as many leathers and buckles as you desire to your cart!


What should my Delivery Expectations Be?

We aim to deliver your Jack Belts as fast as possible and we use the Australian Postal Service. We deliver to any address including P.O Boxes and business addresses.

Please expect delivery within 3 to 5working days after receipt of payment,  We will always put the orders in as soon as possible and if you haven’t received it within 10 working days then contact us. The deliveries are tracked.

There is a general fee of $10.90 postage for all orders under $230. Postage becomes $17.90 once order value is $230 and over. This is due to the larger size packaing required for orders of this size.


We do deliver worldwide and charge between $24 – $36.00.

The post may calculate the highest rate when you are paying, however once we have posted the item and if the charge is of lesser value than you paid we do refund the difference.

We refund using the method of which you paid, i.e if you used PayPal the refund will appear in your Paypal account. WE will also notify you of our actions.


We use “standard” which allows us to have tracking on your purchase. Tracking numbers can be obtained by contacting us if you can’t see it in any ‘confirmation of order’ emails received

Please note, if the tracking details reveal the product has been delivered…however you can’t find it, you are to contact Australia post directly. We do not resend products when they are listed as ‘delivered’.

Claims can be made with Australia Post for lost or missing parcels, as this is out of our control.

Please double check the SHIPPING address is correct before you pay for your order.

What sizes are available?2018-07-02T12:04:41+11:00

The leathers are a standard 135cm. This fits MOST, or We have in original plain black only an extra long 155cm ​and this  is extra long.

The width of the leather is 3.5cm

The width of the buckle is is 4cm

Available in the white leather only is 115, 120cm, amd 130cm lengths.

The Sizes to Choose From are Not My Size…what do I do?2018-07-02T11:51:18+11:00

The advantage of choosing a Jack Belt is the belt can be cut to size. There is a procedure to follow to ensure you cut it to your correct length.


                The end of the belt should come to around a couple of inches past your first belt loop on your trousers or skirt.


              Un-clip the buckle and cut off any excess with scissors or a box cutter from the buckle end.

              This will ensure that the ratchet is in the middle of your tummy


              Thread the leather through the buckle and pull for the perfect tension.


              Lift the leaver on the side of the buckle for instant comfort, (very handy after a large meal!).

NOTE: If you are finding it difficult to open the clasp, assist it by pushing the leather INTO the buckle as you do it, as it will help release the teeth of the buckle from the leather.


When deciding how much to cut, do a little at a time to ensure you do not cut too much off. You are aiming to have the buckle sit in the centre of the ratchet, this will then allow room for growing, smaller when you are standing or for the need to loosen the belt after eating. At the point you wish to cut the leather, Use sharp scissors or a box cutter (Stanley knife) Then return the leather back into the buckle.

Once you are satisfied with the length, go strut your stuff with confidence and class!

Returns & Refunds2020-01-17T17:05:16+11:00

12 Month limited warranty

We are a small four person Australian company and we will follow up on any issues you have. We pride ourselves on selling high quality product and it’s imperative our customers are satisfied with the product and our service.

Our products come with 12 month limited  warranty. The warranty covers the functioning mechanisim of the buckle and the ratchet in the leather.

  • No cover is given for general ‘wear and tear’. 

Evidence of the problem needs to be given and our logo on the leather or the buckle needs to be visible in any photos sent.

  • Email us with details of where you purchased, i.e the show you purchased it from or invoice number
  • Provide photos of issue and ensure our logo is visible


Delivery issues

We want The Jack Belt to arrive swiftly and in perfect condition however what happens at the Australia Post Offices cannot be guaranteed by us.

Please contact us directly and communicate any issues you may have and when it comes to any damage you are encouraged to take a photo of how it is received. You are able to deal directly with Australia Post using the following link. ​Copy and paste the link into your browser if the link doesn’t transfer you within 30 secs.


If you feel the product needs to be returned, please contact us first, then arrange to ‘return to sender’ in original received condition.


No returns for cutting too short

It is important to understand that the JACK BELT comes in a variety of lengths HOWEVER in most cases the leather still requires to be cut to the correct length for the individual. Please, if you are unsure of the procedure, please check the website for instructions and guidance or give us a call before cutting the leather, as we do not accept a return for a belt because you cut it too short.


No returns for allergies

The buckles are high quality zinc alloy. Alloy means mixed metals, so if your unsure, then best to avoid.


Process for returns for replacement 

If you have ordered incorrectly we are happy to replace your order, you are however liable for any postage due.

The fastest way to handle a return for replacement is you call us and speak directly with your issue, or it can be dealt with over email.

We require proof of purchase. This can be a forwarding of the email you received from us when you purchased the belt.

We then require you to post the product you wish to replace and once we have received it, we will send out your preferred product.

The address to return it to is


8 Phoenix Cres, Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444.


The payment for postage of the replacement item can be done over the phone with a credit card, or direct bank deposit.

The bank account to send the postage to is


Account Thomas Furnifer

Jack Products

BSB 062 592

Account 1090 0819


Process for returns for refund

You are welcome to call us and speak directly with your issue, or it can be dealt with over email. You do have the option of getting a replacement.

We require proof of purchase and photographic evidence of the issue you are returning it for.

Please send the product to the above address. You can get tracking numbers when you post it and you can track its arrival to us.

Once we have received the returned product we will issue a refund of the product.

You are liable for any postage to be paid.


Privacy Policy2018-07-02T12:03:27+11:00

We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website, then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement.

What is a Back Order?2018-09-22T05:18:01+11:00

When we have run out of stock of a product which we will be restocking; we allow for ordering to still take place.

On the title of the product we indicate when the product is due to arrive.

Please note, If you order another item with the back ordered product we will be sending them both together. SO if this is a problem make a separate order for what do you need more urgently.

Every order is tracked. Upon request we will send you your tracking number.



The belt doesn’t fit me, how do I fix this?2018-09-22T05:51:33+11:00

The Jack Belts come in long lengths with the intention that it can be cut down to size with scissors if need be.

If the buckle is not catching on the track in the leather, it needs to be cut.

If the buckle does catch but the tongue is really long it can be trimmed until it is a comfortable length. Just cut a little at a time.

If threading the leather through the buckle but it is not long enough to touch the ratchet, you need a longer leather. Our sizes range 130cm, 135cm and extra long is 155cm.

The steps when trying on the belt for the first time:

1. Before you try The Jack Belt on, just play with the release button on the side of the Buckle to see how it works. We don’t want you putting on the belt and then getting stuck inside it because you don’t know how to take it off.

2. Wrap the belt around you, thread the leather through the buckle.

If the leather catches on the ratchet that’s great. If you feel the tongue is too long then you can trim a little bit of the leather off the buckle end.

3. If the catch on the buckle goes past the track, and it isn’t catching, you need to cut the leather short enough until it does.

4. The ideal length of the leather is for the tongue to sit just past the loop on your pants with the buckle sitting in the middle of the track. This way you have room to expand or decrease your belt comfortably.

5. Call us if you need extra help. We are a four person company who cares for your comfort. We are happy to chat and talk you through it.

How does the buckle work?2018-09-22T10:53:29+11:00

The buckle has a tooth that catches on the track in the leather.

There is a lever on the side of the Buckle that when you press it will lift the tooth out of the track.

Please note:

If the belt is very tight around the waist, and the pressing of the lever on the side of the Buckle isn’t releasing the tooth from the track, then push the leather further into the buckle as you are pressing the lever, then pull out to release and this will take the pressure off the track and the tooth and assist in releasing the leather from the buckle.

*If you wrap the belt around you with the buckle in your right hand lever will be present on the top.

For ease of use;

Use your right thumb to press the lever.

Use your left hand to push the leather out of the Buckle.

*If you wrap the belt around you with the buckle in your left hand the lever will be present on the underside.

Use your left index finger to press the lever.

Use your right hand to push the leather through out of the Buckle.


How to thread the Toothbat2019-02-18T00:30:33+11:00

When using the Toothbat it’s all about threading your floss around the prongs of the head and twisting the head to gain tension on the floss.

To make life simple we have a video on how this is done.


  1. Turn the handle to  line-up the head.
  2. Wrap the floss on 2-3 times
  3. Pull up the floss via the gap and lay on four arms
  4. Back to the twister via the gap and wrap 2-3 times
  5. Press the floss and turn the handle to control tension of floss

* Use the side floss of the Toothbat to clean the front inter-dental spaces and gums

* Use the front floss to clean back of mouth




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