The advantage of choosing a Jack Belt is the belt can be cut to size. There is a procedure to follow to ensure you cut it to your correct length.


                The end of the belt should come to around a couple of inches past your first belt loop on your trousers or skirt.


              Un-clip the buckle and cut off any excess with scissors or a box cutter from the buckle end.

              This will ensure that the ratchet is in the middle of your tummy


              Thread the leather through the buckle and pull for the perfect tension.


              Lift the leaver on the side of the buckle for instant comfort, (very handy after a large meal!).

NOTE: If you are finding it difficult to open the clasp, assist it by pushing the leather INTO the buckle as you do it, as it will help release the teeth of the buckle from the leather.


When deciding how much to cut, do a little at a time to ensure you do not cut too much off. You are aiming to have the buckle sit in the centre of the ratchet, this will then allow room for growing, smaller when you are standing or for the need to loosen the belt after eating. At the point you wish to cut the leather, Use sharp scissors or a box cutter (Stanley knife) Then return the leather back into the buckle.

Once you are satisfied with the length, go strut your stuff with confidence and class!