The Jack Belts come in long lengths with the intention that it can be cut down to size with scissors if need be.

If the buckle is not catching on the track in the leather, it needs to be cut.

If the buckle does catch but the tongue is really long it can be trimmed until it is a comfortable length. Just cut a little at a time.

If threading the leather through the buckle but it is not long enough to touch the ratchet, you need a longer leather. Our sizes range 130cm, 135cm and extra long is 155cm.

The steps when trying on the belt for the first time:

1. Before you try The Jack Belt on, just play with the release button on the side of the Buckle to see how it works. We don’t want you putting on the belt and then getting stuck inside it because you don’t know how to take it off.

2. Wrap the belt around you, thread the leather through the buckle.

If the leather catches on the ratchet that’s great. If you feel the tongue is too long then you can trim a little bit of the leather off the buckle end.

3. If the catch on the buckle goes past the track, and it isn’t catching, you need to cut the leather short enough until it does.

4. The ideal length of the leather is for the tongue to sit just past the loop on your pants with the buckle sitting in the middle of the track. This way you have room to expand or decrease your belt comfortably.

5. Call us if you need extra help. We are a four person company who cares for your comfort. We are happy to chat and talk you through it.