To purchase your choice of Jack Belts it is a simple two step. process.

1. Go to the SHOP page. Select your choice of leather.

   Click “Add to Cart”

2. Choose your buckle

    Click “Add to Cart”

Once you have made your choices, go to the checkout to complete your purchases and fill in your delivery address using PAYPAL or choose to direct deposit into our account. Just follow the prompts.

No account is required to use PayPal. You can pay using credit card this way.

If you choose to do direct deposit, you will have your order sent out once the funds are visible in our account which may take 1-3 working days.


The leather is unique with a track for the buckle ratchet to work with. If you have never purchased the Jack Belt before, you must purchase both the leather and the buckle as one will not work without the other. Additional leathers and buckles can be purchased allowing you to interchange your leathers and buckles to suit any occasion.

You are welcome to add as many leathers and buckles as you desire to your cart!