Don’t ‘need’ jewellery either but we wear it cos it looks good!

Belts are back and I keep wearing my ole faithful cos it matches EVERYTHING I own. My high-waist jeans have their look completed with this Jack Belt.

It’s also an old belt, (four years now), even though my weight has fluctuated significantly for me over these years, but that’s the magic of the Jack Belt…no holes!

No holes to judge me if I’m wider or thinner. No holes to wear out the leather and age it’s appearance. No holes inches apart for that uncomfortable too tight/too loose feel.

I have changed the buckle many times for many outfits, which keeps my want for different styles at bay.

So bring on winter and those layers we dress in, treat yourself to something you want, or treat the person you know whom would appreciate the flexibility of style and comfort this Jack Belt provides.

No judgement here, buy what you want