We are not far from having our freedoms returned, (if not still a little restricted) but through the whole of Australia banding together for the greater good, we are in an enviable position throughout the world in our COVID-19 health status. Groups of ten can dine together soon in public restaurants!..in some places…(check your local news for your restrictions).

A big thank you to everyone who refrained and responded to this situation with order and respect to each other. To those who shared their valuable toilet paper, bread baking secrets and home gym equipment. Thanks for contributing to flattening the COVID-19 curve!

A bigger thank you to those essential workers like grocery workers, rubbish collectors, and bottle shop owners. Thanks for sticking it out and supporting your communities when it felt like you were the only ones missing extra Netflix and Tik Tok sessions.

Thanks to those parents who endured home schooling, I’m sure a new found respect has been formed for your childrens’ teachers and whom through all this, never stopped working whether the children were on the school grounds or not.

The biggest thank you of course goes to those in the caring and medical world who turned up to work each day fully aware they were risking their lives more than usual and still chose to go.  Knowing Dr’s and nurses personally, we know how “terrified” they were/are feeling. Going to work in the belly of the beast each day takes real guts!

Gratefully our COVID-19 traumas were extremely low and it allowed them to still continue their essential care to those who always needed it; Cancer patients, general injuries, new mothers, and the list goes on.

So soon we can gather in small groups and take a moment to count our blessings, give time and respect to those who were unable to come out of this time alive.

Show those, (still from social distancing length) that we are grateful they are back in our physical world again.

We know that times are still going to be different. We have been called to stand in our ‘passports’ nations corners, even though our multi-cultural countries hearts spread across oceans. There are many who, for some time yet, will unable to embrace a loved one in another country.

So here we try to count the good things in life and be grateful for the technology that fills our hands and homes. Phone calls and video conferencing are cheaper than flights. You can be wearing your tracksuit pants below the frame. ‘Soft focus’ lens with dancing butterflies really add that entertainment magic and giggles. Lastly, ‘blown’ kisses still feel good and meet current restriction laws.

Our big thank you is to YOU, our customers. YOU who have stuck by us and supported us. We are an online store but we do work large shows like the cancelled Sydney Royal Easter Show, The cancelled Canberra Floriade Show, The cancelled Brisbane Ekka and many cancelled local markets. These do effect us and make affording next years shows without this years income very difficult.

We know we aren’t the only ones and it’s been beautiful to watch online all the support for local Australian companies like us.

Lastly, the Australia Post have really copped it, with sending us ‘delay apology’ letters since they aren’t used to the 2 million parcels they are handling per day in this country. Know that we put your orders in the moment we get them, we are grateful the inquiring letters of ‘where is my belt’ have been so polite and understanding.

So not long now and you can wear your Jack Belt not only on bin day! Lets rejoice and aim to be a stronger and cleaner country in the long run.

Keep your chins up and thank you!