Here is a cheeky tale to explain how spending your money with Australians is supporting your own lively hood.

A traveller went to check in at a hotel and asked to see the hotel room first before they decide to stay the night after having bad experiences elsewhere. The hotelier was worried the person could just lock themselves in the room for the night so said they would only allow it if they put down $100 deposit and if they don’t like the room the money will be returned. The traveller agreed.

The Traveller handed over the cash and went up to their room.

The Hotelier quickly ran out the door with the cash and went next door to the butcher. “Here, this is the $100 I owe you”! and ran back to the hotel.

The butcher gratefully took the money then they whisked out of the door and went to the bakery. “Here, this is the $100 I owe you”! and ran back to the butchery.

The baker gratefully took the money then whisked out the door and ran to the football club and spoke with their manager.”Here, this is the $100 I owe you”!

The football manager gratefully took the owed cash and quickly went to the hotel¬† “Here, this is the $100 I owe you for the room the other night.” and left.

The Hotelier gratefully accepted the cash just as the traveller was coming downstairs looking very dissatisfied.

“I’ll like $100 back thank you, looks like a football team has played a full match in my room!”

The Hotelier then calmly hands back the $100 cash…

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